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Power of Unity

"Rise above the Rest, Research, Reveal & Reform.

We are  non-profit public policy advocacy and development organization, committed to Uphold Rights & Justice in the society. We are dedicated to empowerment and mobilization of masses for participatory campaigning with  Advocacy, Analysis and Action to commence India's transition to democracy by creating a space for civil society, outside formal politics to connect the masses with policymakers on public policy issues in general & Security & Justice sector issues in particular, the Security & Justice that has, so far remained very first casualty in relation to common man of post British India due to centralised, authoritative, ceremonial, colonial apparatus & work culture that has complete immunity to accountability and retrograde to democratic values of governance .

We directly support frontline activism to resolve the issues in practice to learn, research, ascertain ,Organize to lead and perpetuate .

convention 1 Haryana MLA expresses his solidarity with PRPP Campaign

We garnered the support of Mr Anil Viz, Member of legislative Assembly from Ambala Cantt. constituency of Haryana for Police Reforms Campaign. More...


GeneralWe Welcome Maj. Gen. Surjit Singh

We are delighted to welcome Major General Surjit Singh to our Team of crusaders More...

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