About Us

“Rise above the Rest, Research & Reveal to Reform, through Frontline Activism” with mantra Organize & Educate with Demand to legislate.

We are non-profit public policy advocacy and development organization, committed to Uphold Rights & Justice in the society. We are dedicated to empowerment and mobilization of masses for participatory campaigning with  Advocacy, Analysis and Action to commence India’s transition to democracy by creating a space for civil society, to connect the masses with policymakers on public policy issues in general & Security & Justice sector issues in particular.


  • Conduct independent research and to make evidence based contributions to Policing Policy & Practice.
  • Act as a link between the Public, educational institutions & governance institutions for integrating theory with practice for democratization.
  • Organize vigilant citizens groups for participatory campaigning to seek to connect the wisdom, voice and experience of local communities to the policy process  to engage at multiple levels with the local, state & central government for democratization to “Uphold Rights & Justice” and equitable development.
  • Organize action oriented field research and policy analysis for repeal of anti democratic colonial protocols and practices from governance institutions.
  • Help the victims of injustice by bringing spotlight of media to individual cases and pursue perpetrators with legal consequences.
  • Advocacy campaigning for democratic reforms in “Security & Justice Sector”
  • Spot and support committed community leaders to act as change agents for democratization.


Nishan is a persian word with multiple meanings but we derive our inspiration from it as the flag. “Nishan Justice” The flag for justice is raised for India’s transition from an authoritarian colonial state to participatory democracy that will ensure evolution of governance apparatus accountable to its local citizens.Nishanjustice symbolizes the sovereign authority of courage of convictions and values that reside with its crusaders. Through out the ages, when communities have faced extreme crisis, people of good will and courage have rallied together under their respective Nishan (Ensign) to express their solidarity and faith in their cause, and to keep it fluttering high with dignity and defend their communities against  adversities. In Hebrew word Nishan means miracle and at Nishan for justice we believe to attempt the impossibles immediately and for miracles we need your time.