Corruption Monitor

The corruption is organized in almost every public office. Rates of corrution completely depend upon your financial standing and status in society. There is no fixed yardstick but with passage of time government officials sat their minimum acceptance standards. If you want to get done anything that is illegal, be rest assured your buying power is mode of achieving whatever you want. If you want to get something done that is very legitimate than you may have to pay the minimum bribe amounts acceptable to government officials, in this case rates of bribe will vary depending upon your patience with delays that can be caused by official.

The prevalent Bribe rates are!


1. Police verification for passports – Rs.500/- minimum

2. Police verification for Arms license – Rs.1000/- minimum

3. Lodging of complaint for mobile theft – Rs.200/- minimum

4. Traffic violations – Rs.100/- minimum

5. If you face bailable warrants simply as a witness in any court case – Rs.1000/- minimum

6. Non bailable warrants as a witness in any court case – Rs.5000/- minimum

7. If you come as a deportee from any western country without committing any offence but overstaying visa granted to you. Local police authorities will pursue a case cooked up by them – Rs.2,50,000/- minimum

8. If you are victim of any crime and succeeded to lodged a FIR, you may have to arrange for all the logistics arrangements for police party, including Food, Transport, accomodation, alcohol, communication etc. and of course some incentive money, depending upon the monetary loss you have suffered.

9. If you are a complainant in a police case be prepared to face the accused friendly police. Whether it is prime investigation agency of the union of India(CBI) or the state police organizations they all act as very Humane Face of Police that is Accused Friendly that will not only protect the Human Rights of the accused enshrined in the UN Convention but also provide him with all the luxuries and comforts and go to the extent of diluting/destroying all the evidence(in case of scientific evidence/physical evidence) and in case of relying on human element of evidence they will provide all the assistance to the accused to win over or threaten the witnesses and turn them hostile. The booty coming from this is shared honestly by each Rank with due care being taken of Supervisory Police Leadership comprising of IPS.

Jessica murder case, Priyadarshini Matoo murder case, Ruchika Girotra suicide case, Rupen Deol Bajaj molestation case, Shivani Bhatnagar murder Case are few of the cases as burning examples of criminality in police leadership.

Revenue – Revenue department dealing with the land deals is most corrupt department in every state of India and here corruption is more organized and percentage is fixed in accordance to the value of land and its transaction value. Bribe money is channelised through deed writers and clerks. Starting from village Patwari to Tehsildar, nothing works without bribe.

Patwari –You may have to part with minimum Rs.250/- and pay Patwari to obtain the copy of your land records, if you are approaching him through his acquailtances.He generally opeartes through the village Numberdar.

Clerks in Tehsildaar Office – If you are getting a land transfer registered, you may have to pay minimum Rs.1000/- to each clerk in addition to the fixed percentage of bribe money that is charged through the deed writers.

Courts –A close look at the day today functioning of any of the courts in India and informal chat with the litigants in the court premises immediately exposes the deeply entrenched corruption and a thriving litigation industry that sustains failure to deliever timely justice as the sole principle for success.The disillusioned petetioners are left hapless before all powerful judiciary that enjoys complete immunity to accountability and performance. This litigation industry stinks with corruption and wears the cloak of holy cow and has no mechanism to correct itself. The corruption here is well organized and accepted as way of functioning and you pay for everything from getting your date of hearing to any copy of the document you need. all the money is paid through the advocates’s clerks to court clerks. The advocates act as pimps and judicial officers as part of prosecution and maintain soft corner towards police officials for various favours that may range from supplying of kitchen gas cylinders to the house hold of Judges to providing of free car trips for holidays and doing courtesies of arranging crackers for the children of Judges. –

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