Letter From Aridaman Jit Singh,Chairman, The Nishan to Chief Justice of India-17 Oct 2012 

It is the Black Colonial Laws and Protocols and Practices that emanated out of 17/18 Century western social technologies of Europe to enslave humans enmass over a geographical area and use them as a labour force that are still enforced on population of India with ruthlessness by brutal police and corrupt judiciary that protects the brutalities and organized violence of police with perpetual delays.

Letter by Aridaman Jit singh, Chairman, Nishan to Justice Verma on collective Failure of Police and Indian Judiciary 

Damini breathed her last on 29 Dec 2012 and died as victim of injustice emanating out of collective failure of colonial police and Judiciary that has all the Authority and Ceremonials but no substance to provide justice. Its time for us to question the powers who have turned out to be burden on public exchequer.

Aridaman Jit Singh DO Letter to Home Minister-01 Aug 2012-Colonial Police-Coercive Justice System-Root of Corruption 

Coercive Criminal Justice System comprising of brutal armed police having complete legal protection from prosecution for killing,raping and looting the public at the foundation of new class struggles in India for being in conflict with democratic aspirations of people

Letter Aridaman Jit Singh Chairman Nishan to Omar Abdullah CM Jand K;Democratization of Colonial Police structure 

Jammu and Kashmir Police Bill 2013 and observations of Team Nishan to democratize the colonial police that needs to be decentralized,restructured,demilitarized and made locally accountable with citizens oversight

DO Letter-Aridaman Jit Singh to Minister of State for Defence-Govt of India and his response to Team Nishan-05 July 2012-Corruption in Army 

Today’s India is facing gravest of challenge of corruption and abuses from the enemy within-The enemy is its bureaucratic class that has all the powers but no accountability and source of endemic corruption.Here is the case of posting/transfer of the Principal of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the bureaucracy stance that can shred all the army rules and regulations to advance the agenda of corruption

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