Thousands worldwide get ‘Fired Up’ for Human Rights – Nishan & Amnesty International India (7 – December – 2008)

To be effective, police needs to reform itself from people’s perspective in a democracy or else police excesses will kill the democracy. Read the letter that Team Nishan has issued to the Director General Police (DGP) in Haryana.

Only the honest and professional police officers are willing to appreciate people’s participation and bring transparency into police functioning but the corrupt and inefficient top cops are all against it and resist every such endeavour. Team Nishan wrote to Director General Bureau of Police Research and Development on the true state of Indian police and necessity of people’s participation.

Team Nishan has been relentlessly pursuing the matter of police reforms from people’s perspective and approached the Director General Bureau of Police Research and Development (DG BPRD) for collaboration on the subject to give further impetus to this endeavour. Read Nishan’s letter to DG BPRD.