The honest support us and the heroic join us.

Your individual / institutional support will strengthen our uniquely independent critical voice to demand institutional changes in colonial, authoritative governance apparatus.

Since 25 Jan 2012, all donations to “Nishan” are exempted from income tax under section 80G(5)(iv) of Indian Income Tax Act of 1961.

Your support will help us maintain the momentum of campaign.

We beileve that constitutional democracy is not a spectator sport but always evolving process of participatory campaigning for governance by rule of laws framed with active participation of citizens.

We do understand that existing functionaries of governance institutions that have been continued long after the departure of colonial rulers neither inherited democratic values nor respect these values and hence did not reform their governance institutions for India’s smooth transition to be a true democracy accountable to its people.

If you are an enthusiastic vigillant citizen or victim of corruption and wish to organize a group of vigilant citizens against corruption and injustice, Team Nishan will assist you in establishing your Voluntary Vigilant Citizens committee and help you connect with policy makers and enable you act as a watchdog, Nishan will help you know about your rights and have them respected with proactive participation of local community.

Please email: admin@nishanjustice.org or call +91 120 4125362(0930 to 1330 and 1530 to 1800 Hrs. Monday to friday) or +91 9899007392.

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